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On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.

Here's an example of a format we might use for the members list. Realizing that a web site is a public forum, we might not include member addresses.


  1. Sir King londz, Kz RMM : 06-6515485
  2. Kazri @ Kuzaks :
  3. Bob Sauto :
  4. Fadil @ Achom
  5. Lady RMM. (2000)
  6. Rasdi. (2001) 
  7. Hairizam, Arry
  8. Mohd Saad, Napala Turki
  9. Thanaraj. (May 2002)
  10. Azhar
  11. Zulkefli, Zul Alias
  12. Haliza, Liza
  13. Farouq, Roger
  14. Rosni
  15. Zul Astra, Joe Astra
  16. Rasid. (2003)
  17. Zamzairil, zzyril
  18. Ezlee
  19. Mohd Asraf
  20. Muazam, Azam
  21. Badiuzamani, Badio
  22. Zairul
  23. Thiru


Welcome New Members!

Here we'll include some information about new members, such as:

Jeff Low is our newest member. He just bought Nikko ES (Mitsubishi EVO) and is excited about getting involved with our club's race activities.

In this area, we might include a link to the "Bulletin Board" page, which includes news and announcements about members.

Bulletin Board