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RC tips

There are always lots of identical tuning screwdrivers, lub oil bottles, and batteries floating around the pits at nitro races, and it's all too easy to wind up with someone else's gear (or have them walk off with yours). Mark your territory by wrapping colored tape around your equipment, and your equipment will stay yours--or at the very least, you'll be able to track it down more easily. Colored shrink-wrap works well too.

Lower Body Ground Clearance
This process is known as "Slamming" the body. By lowering your body, wind drag will be reduced to a minimum and provides a lower CG (Central Gravity) which will result in more speed and less chance of flipping your car.

Increase Tire Life Span
If your R/C car has four identical tires, you can maximize their life by rotating them as you would on a real car. It will take only a minute or two, but they'll last weeks longer. Start your first rotation by swapping  the front left wheel with the right front wheel and the left back wheel with the right back wheel. Repeat this process every 5 batteries used.

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